Top 5 reasons to visit Austin, Texas


Austin has its individuality. It has something unique that is absent in many cities. The residents living here are open minded and creative. Here are the top five reasons for you to visit Austin.

Cathedral of Junk and Baylor Street Art Wall


Cathedral of Junk is something that you will feel as if you are exploring a hyper child’s imagination. It is situated in the backyard of the artist’s house. It is a large structure that consists of junks including doll heads, bicycle wheels, dented kitchen supplies, etc. The Baylor Street Art Wall is equally impressive. You will see world-class graffiti art that changes consistently.

Funky stores


You will love the items in Austin’s funky stores. From colorful cowboy boots, vintage threads to naughty costumes, and more. There are various restaurants along the street as well. So, you can enjoy your shopping without worrying about being hungry.



You should try Austin’s BBQ. You will love the mouth-watering pork ribs, turkey, and sausage. You will find some of the best tacos in Austin.

Enchanted Rock


There is a massive pink granite dome that rises above Central Texas. It is the ultimate destination for the rock climbers. The height is impressive, and you will get wonderful views. You can go hiking as well.



Austin is famous for live music. There will be live music throughout the city. You will see the bars, music halls and the streets full of musicians playing live music.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Austin. You will love the neighborhood, people and culture here. So, plan your next vacation to Austin!

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