Women vaping

The most preferred vaping flavors


Flavors are crucial to vaping. The idea is to get one that does not bore you irrespective of how much or how often you vape. However, with so many flavors in the market is easy to get confused. Different fruit e juice gives different flavors. Fortunately, with this review, you will have an easy time identifying your ultimate e-juice. The most preferred vaping flavours

Women vaping

Murica E-juice This Rocket Popsicle Flavor combines sweet cherries, tasty blue raspberries as well as mouthwatering lemon-lime to deliver an e-juice that mimics that of frozen meat. Many e-cig users consider it the tastiest and yummiest of all the flavors in the market. Murica e-juice best brings out the taste of freedom. Voted the best e-juice this year (2019) and exclusively made in the US this flavor brings back the Red, Blue and White Bomb Posts that were common the 1970s.

Black Note Prelude This e-juice is crafted in tiny batches for precise use. The e-juice is extracted from choice leaves of flue-treated tobacco that skilled farmers grow the Italian Alps. Besides containing nil di-acetyl Black Note Prelude comes in the preferred 50/50 VG/PG combination. Trust this flavor to recreate the tasty and nutty flavor that characterizes Virgin tobacco. It also has a pleasant smell of a pack of smokes.

vaping flavors

Surf Cake E-juice Vape Wild, the manufacturer of this flavor is a household name among seasoned vapers. Besides earning the company a top spot in the best brands with over 50 votes, the e-juice does not compromise on the savor. It is a mixture of cheesecake and blueberries and as such delivers a mixture of fruit, creaminess, and crust that many vapers use full time. While to some people find it is somewhat too light, at less than 3 dollars for 10 ml this e-juice best suits people on a tight budget.

VaporFi VaporFi is backed by numerous independent third-party laboratory tests and certifications making it one of the safest brands in the market. Consequently, it is free of toxins while its ingredients are of the highest quality. The manufacturer has in place stringent test controls making something that gives users peace of mind knowing precisely what they are inhaling. However, the meticulous processing comes with a price; VaporFi is one of the costliest vapors in the market. All e-cig users agree on one thing, though, peace of mind when vaping is worth the premium price.

Castle Long Reserve Castle Long Reserve takes its game to the next level. It blends roasted coconut, brown sugar, roasted almond, two varieties of vanilla, charred oak and Kentucky to create one of the most preferred flavors. That everything came through perfectly resulting in a symphony of taste is simply commendable. Castle Long Reserve is undoubtedly an amazing juice that everyone loves. While some people claim the company exaggerates its marketing message the fact is, this juice is a rare treat. Conclusion Vaping flavours play a vital role in helping people quit smoking. They utilize naturally-extracted ingredients thus creating user’s desired taste without causing any adverse effects. So, identify your favorite from the above list and take good care of your e-juice to keep your loved ones safe.