Halloween celebrations in Ireland

Halloween which is also called Samhain is the time of the year when the whole world gears up for celebrations. Halloween is one of those festivals is one of those festivals that is celebrated by millions of people all around the world. Halloween is the time when people pay respects to God and at the same time remember the dead are remembered. The Halloween also marks the time of the year when summer fades away, and the winter crawls in. Even though the pagans have gone, the spirit of Halloween stays the same.

There are few destinations in the world where Halloween is celebrated in a very grand manner by not losing out on few traditions. Ireland is one of those places that will definitely clinch a spot among the top in this category. It is not just the way they celebrate that differs even the halloween costumes in Ireland are very unique. If you want to celebrate Halloween in style Ireland is the ideal destination. Here are some of the best things to do in Ireland during Halloween.

Derry Halloween Under the Samhain

The Derry Halloween is a four day funfilled Halloween party.  There a lot of events that can keep everyone engaged and in the celebration mood. Live music, various performances, and sculptures are some of the regular events at Derry’s. The events are followed by a Halloween carnival and a parade which makes its way to the center of the city. Giving the perfect climax to an awesome celebration is the fireworks at river Foyle.

The Wells House

The Wells House is one those places in the world that can test your braveness. The most common statement from the people after their visit to Wells House is “It scared the Jesus out of me.” The Wells House is a place that offers a lot of family-friendly activity. The werewolves, and screams really elevate the Halloween mood. One of the most exciting activity is where you join the hunters for hunting the werewolves that are roaming around.

Festina Lente and Horse Camp

Festina Lente and Horse camp is the perfect place for your kids.  Festina Lente offers a lot of exciting activities that would interest the kids like art and craft lessons, pumpkin carving workshops and pony riding. The visitors will also get an opportunity to learn about the grooming a pony. This is definitely a great place to seed Halloween with family surrounded by gardens and woodlands.

Belfast Halloween Moster Mash and Fireworks

Belfast is one biggest Halloween events in the world. The fireworks display at Belfast is nothing less than a treat for the eyes. The place also offers a lot of fun activities to indulge in. There are a lot of activities to keep you entertained. The street theatre, wicked arts and crafts workshops, rides and a wide range of mouth-watering food and drinks.  Halloween cannot get any better than this.