The best sitcoms in the world

Sitcoms have always been the most entertaining concepts that were brought into the television world to entertain the viewers no matter what the circumstance, it is an emotional ride that the audience get. The concept of sitcoms started in the early 1960’s but they were not that very popular, sitcoms started becoming popular in the 1970s  and when they when they started to induce more of the humour element it formed the base for many of the t.v shows. Today there are a lot of sitcoms with different genres composed with almost the similar principles that were used in the early sitcoms.


This the most popular sitcom that has ever been made, this was started by the executive producers David Crane and Marta Kauffman, the show charted out a seven-page content and that was the first pilot that was produced, and then the show started to go in full swing. The producers did not even bother to hire some really good actors, they just brought in people who were starting with their careers in the television industry, but this decision of theirs was the best and it created the best group of actors. The show started in September of 1994, and it ran for 10 seasons, and it closed on the May 6 of 2004 this of the best sitcoms that defined what a sitcom should look like .


This is another sitcom that started way before the Friends television sitcom started, this sitcom was written and acted in by the popular standup comic Jerry Seinfeld. This was another success story that is not as popular as the previous sitcom, but it did make a lot of waves in the United States, this show ran for 9 seasons and this show was produced by the castle rock entertainment, this show revolves predominantly around 4 characters who are in Manhattan. Seinfeld is the show that sets a bar for the other sitcoms to follow after them.

The Simpsons:

This is an animated comic sitcom which was created by Matt Groening for the Fox broadcasting company , this sitcom does a satirical depiction of  a modern day middle class American family, this show is set in a fictional town called Springfield , this show has had some very controversial times and they have portrayed the American middle-class family in the best way

These are some of the most popular sitcoms they entertained the audience, but shows like Cosby show set a standard that most of the shows could not even reach as they used humour to educate people on some of the very important issues of the day. These are some of the golden standard comedy that everyone has to watch it is made available in various television channels but if you are looking to go even before its shown in the television than go to terrarium tv they have some really great sitcom comedy collection.