Top 4 reasons to consider vacation rentals over hotels


Vacation rentals are a wonderful alternative to hotels. It gives you the benefits of space, amenities, and privacy. You get extra space for less cost per night compared to a hotel. Vacation rentals may include full kitchens, home theater, private pools, etc. Here are the reasons you should consider vacation rentals over hotels.

Square footage area


Average footage area for vacation rental is 2000 sq. ft.; whereas, for hotels, it is only 400 sq. ft. per room. The space is larger in a vacation rental, so gives you a more comfortable living.



1300 sq.ft. Condo can cost $99 per night, and it can accommodate six people. A hotel room in the US will cost $118 per night and accommodate only two people. So, for group travel, in particular, vacation rentals are a better option.
Cost of food

In vacation rentals, you have your kitchen. Therefore, you can save lots of money on food. When you rent a hotel, it will cost you $30 on average person for three meals every day.



TV, DVD, movie, etc. are free in vacation rentals. In hotels, movies can cost up to $15. Parking can cost up to $36 per day. So, your bill is more when you stay in a hotel.

The choice of hotel or vacation home depends on your preference and affordability. But if you want to save money and enjoy some privacy then you should choose vacation homes over hotels. Vacation rentals are the perfect choice when you are traveling in groups.