Picking the Right Car Service for Your Airport Transportation in Houston

It can be a very difficult task, finding transportation from IAH (George Bush Intercontinental Airport) after a long flight.  There is really not much of an option, as the airport is situated far away from the city center, and the city has not come up with a great public transportation method at this point. It is going to be a very important thing for them in the future, as the city grows and the sprawl moves away from the direction of the airport, it takes longer and longer to get anywhere after you have landed at IAH.

car service in Houston

A lot of people that come to and from Austin, TX will make a pit stop in Houston because it’s such a beautiful city.  However, transportation can often times be a nightmare.  That’s all starting to change though, as we did a recent survey of the best car services in Houston, and AAA Corporate Car & Limo came in the overwhelming favorite for a Houston airport transportation car service. It turns out, taking a limo or car from the airport does not have to be such a difficult and time consuming thing to figure out. AAA Car Service is a very inexpensive car service that can take an air traveler from the airport and into the city in less than twenty minutes. Usually, it takes at least twice that amount of time for someone to take a bus service or a shuttle service from the airport into the city, and then once they are dropped at the drop off point in the city, they will still have to find a way to make it on to their intended final destination.  But that is not so with AAA Corporate Car & Limo.  They will pick you up from the terminal after you have secured your luggage, and then they will take you directly to your end point destination, without having to stop anywhere along the way to let off any other passengers at other points before reaching your end destination.

Arrive in Style With a Car Service

The best part is that they  are not that much more expensive than a taxi, but you are going to arrive with so much more class and flair than you would if you were taking a taxi, a bus or a shuttle.  The intended customer for these airport transportation limo services are those business travelers who are arriving in Houston for a meeting or a conference, and don’t have the time to take double the minutes on their transportation time into the city. It can really cut into the day, especially if there are meetings set up for the business traveler on the day of their arrival. Instead of cutting it close or even missing the meeting all together due to the transportation issues, it is a much better option to use a car service that will get you to the office or the convention center much quicker than if the traveler was taking a taxi or a bus.  And the price is not too much more than either of those things, and can often even be less than a taxi ride into the city would cost.

high class

Aside from business though, using a car service is perfect for those coming in for vacation, or those that just don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of figuring out transportation when they arrive to the airport.  With so many rave reviews, we definitely know who we’re using for our airport transportation!  What about you?

For more information, you can visit their website or just give them a call:

AAA Corporate Car and Limo
16760 Hedgecroft Dr #614
Houston, TX 77060
(713) 748-5472

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Vacation Rental


When there is more space to live there will be more fun when you are on a family vacation. Vacation rental homes are perfect for longer trips. But you need some efforts to find the right home. Here are some tips for you.

Prioritize your needs


Renting a house will give you good value for money than renting a single hotel room. But a house won’t have the amenities of a resort. You should choose according to location, beach access, luxury, etc.

Do your research


One of the major problems people face is that once they arrive, they discover that there is nothing like what had been advertised. You need to check out multiple sites before renting a vacation home.

Consider new listings


You should check out for new listings. Usually, the new listings are some of the best, so make sure that you don’t miss these out. The home will be new, and the fixtures and furnishings will be new too.

Read the terms and conditions carefully


Before renting the home make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully. You should read the cancellation policy; any deposit needed damage policies, etc. You should avoid paying the whole rental money upfront.

Staying at a vacation rental home can make you feel like home. It will save your money and give you a spacious place to live in with your family or friends. But you must consider these factors before renting vacation homes. These will help you to avoid any hassle later.

Top 4 reasons to consider vacation rentals over hotels


Vacation rentals are a wonderful alternative to hotels. It gives you the benefits of space, amenities, and privacy. You get extra space for less cost per night compared to a hotel. Vacation rentals may include full kitchens, home theater, private pools, etc. Here are the reasons you should consider vacation rentals over hotels.

Square footage area


Average footage area for vacation rental is 2000 sq. ft.; whereas, for hotels, it is only 400 sq. ft. per room. The space is larger in a vacation rental, so gives you a more comfortable living.



1300 sq.ft. Condo can cost $99 per night, and it can accommodate six people. A hotel room in the US will cost $118 per night and accommodate only two people. So, for group travel, in particular, vacation rentals are a better option.
Cost of food

In vacation rentals, you have your kitchen. Therefore, you can save lots of money on food. When you rent a hotel, it will cost you $30 on average person for three meals every day.



TV, DVD, movie, etc. are free in vacation rentals. In hotels, movies can cost up to $15. Parking can cost up to $36 per day. So, your bill is more when you stay in a hotel.

The choice of hotel or vacation home depends on your preference and affordability. But if you want to save money and enjoy some privacy then you should choose vacation homes over hotels. Vacation rentals are the perfect choice when you are traveling in groups.



Top 5 reasons to visit Austin, Texas


Austin has its individuality. It has something unique that is absent in many cities. The residents living here are open minded and creative. Here are the top five reasons for you to visit Austin.

Cathedral of Junk and Baylor Street Art Wall


Cathedral of Junk is something that you will feel as if you are exploring a hyper child’s imagination. It is situated in the backyard of the artist’s house. It is a large structure that consists of junks including doll heads, bicycle wheels, dented kitchen supplies, etc. The Baylor Street Art Wall is equally impressive. You will see world-class graffiti art that changes consistently.

Funky stores


You will love the items in Austin’s funky stores. From colorful cowboy boots, vintage threads to naughty costumes, and more. There are various restaurants along the street as well. So, you can enjoy your shopping without worrying about being hungry.



You should try Austin’s BBQ. You will love the mouth-watering pork ribs, turkey, and sausage. You will find some of the best tacos in Austin.

Enchanted Rock


There is a massive pink granite dome that rises above Central Texas. It is the ultimate destination for the rock climbers. The height is impressive, and you will get wonderful views. You can go hiking as well.



Austin is famous for live music. There will be live music throughout the city. You will see the bars, music halls and the streets full of musicians playing live music.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Austin. You will love the neighborhood, people and culture here. So, plan your next vacation to Austin!